"Several years ago, I read of dock electrocutions on a Missouri lake and decided to get one for the dock on our farm pond where my Children and Grand Children often swim. One morning we were investigating a shrill alarm and found our 5 hp, 220V submersible pump below the dock had failed and the Dock Life Guard was doing its job. There will be no swimming on any dock for my friends and family without this life saving device.  "

Rock Ormiston - Southwest Kansas


"I am a dock welder and boat lift service guy. In and around docks of all types every day. Even after all the regulations and the attention that the unfortunate loss of life has brought to the subject I still see way too many docks that are not wired safe. I like seeing the dock lifeguard on docks. I know as soon as I see it I am gonna hear it squeal when I start welding. More people need to get this device even if you "just had it rewired" it doesn't take much current to kill. I have seen a light switch box fill with water and cause a short to the whole dock and it didn't trip the breakers. My mom always said i would rather be a live chicken than a dead duck. Take the precaution. The ease of mind knowing your dock is safe is well worth the investment."

Anthony Andersen - Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri


"We have one! Great peace of mind! A teen stepping into the water a few years ago felt a little jolt and we cleared the water. Source wasn't even on our dock. This device is a must have!"

BBI - Lake Ozark, MO


"This test was done at our Boatdock this past Saturday .... I truely believe with this device installed my Daughter would still be here today.... Although there is NO substitute for keeping a close check on your wiring or even having no wiring as the ESD division suggest not swimming within 150' of a dock with power which we know in most cases this is not realistic .... This devise can and will save lives!!! Please Share this info and help us spread the word about ESD (Electric Shock Drowning) .... Love you guys and thanks for sharing this!!"

Jimmy Johnson


"Thank you! A Dock Lifeguard was just installed on our dock at 238 Woodhaven, Four Seasons. I pray we will never hear the warning alarm, but I have a greater peace of mind knowing it is part of my dock safety program. I appreciate the User’s Guide Version 1.1a being available at your website. Please continue to promote Dock Lifeguard to all dock owners at the Lake of the Ozarks and other lakes. I will. Also, if you keep a owner listing for guide or product updates, etc., please add me to the list. Thanks again for helping me to protect my family, friends and other lake lovers!"



"Dave, It was very nice to meet you yesterday. Thank you for your timely clean installation. It is much appreciated. All quiet so far! Best of luck with this endeavor and in its potential expansion. Thank you again. Safety first"


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